Elastic Technology for Your Business

Technology as a Service means you get all the speed, transparency, and control of an internal technology team at a fraction of the cost. We provide a scalable technology team, led by a CTO, with exactly the experts you need, when you need them, and only when you need them.

Elastic Technology Services

Digital Experiences

When your customers experience your business through software, that experience should be carefully planned and executed to perfection. We create web, mobile and application experiences that deliver on your service promises.

Infrastructure Outsourcing

Once upon a time...companies needed to own and manage all the technology required to run their business. Thankfully those days are over. Not only can you outsource your physical infrastructure, you can also outsource the implementation and management of it.

Business Automation

Manual, repetitious, error-prone processes aren’t good for your customers, your staff, or your business. Automate them! From Support Desk and CRM to full Digital Transformation, we can create automated processes that will save time, effort, and errors.

Elastic Technology Products

Our products are solution components that we have developed to enhance and facilitate the deployment of our elastic technology services. These components offer valuable features that we can easily integrate into a variety of business solutions.

Full Support Chatbot

Now the norm for customer service, chatbots allow users to get answers to questions without requiring the intervention of a human. But users regularly have situations that chatbots can’t address. For that you need the problem solving capabilities of live customer service. Our chatbot transitions gracefully from automated answers to live responses to video chat as the case requires.

Omnicloud Cost Management

Cloud resources can be a great way to reduce costs. Unless they are not managed carefully. Then they can be a great way to increase costs. Our omnicloud cost management tools makes sure you only purchase the resources you need with Cost monitoring/Alerting solution for cloud providers (AWS, Azure and GCP). It provides detailed visualization and can be integrated with grafana and prometheus. Easy to use and configure.

Comprehensive Approach

integrates hardware, software and support into a single service


to adapt to changing business requirements

Customer Journey Based

solutions means the experience defines the technology not vice versa.


to end the cycle of overbuilding, growing, and hitting capacity limits

Modular Components

allow for incremental changes and avoid system obsolescence

Elastic Technology Solutions

The core vision of elastech is not to provide products and services. Our goal is to create the technology solution that your business needs. The difference is that a solution is created by a CTO who is part of your leadership team, understands your business goals and brings the technology and skills to realize those goals.

Banking Digital Transformation

Your customers are ready for digital banking; are you? We will help you envision your transformation and then make that vision a reality enabling growth and competitive advantage. True digital transformation can’t be achieved through a few separate digital initiatives. Our comprehensive approach will consider all aspects of the transformation: tools, processes, staffing, training.

Enhanced Health Care

Healthcare technology should enhance the doctor - patient relationship, not get in the way. Elastech has the design and implementation experience to ensure that your healthcare modernization program will make doctor-patient interactions faster, easier, and personal.